Advanced Placement (AP)

teacher and students at table
AP courses provide Bay Port students the opportunity to stand out in the college admissions process. Courses are taught by dedicated, passionate AP teachers who bring cutting-edge content knowledge and expert teaching skills to the classroom.  AP courses help students develop the study skills, habits of mind, and critical thinking abilities that they will need in college.
A Bay Port goal is that every four-year college bound student takes at least one AP course. The hope is that the increased rigor will better prepare students for the academic challenges of college. 


AP exam fee: $96 per exam 

Payment link: RevTrack

  1. Select Bay Port High School from main screen
  2. Select Bay Port High School 
  3. Select Advanced Placement Fees on left side bar

Late registration fee: $40

  • Cancellation fee ( of ordered exam) $40
  • Testing window: First two weeks in May

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