Beginning Monday, November 13, 2023, adjustments will be made to student parking at Bay Port. Please note the following updated changes and related expectations:

  • Student parking spots will be available first come, first serve.
  • Students will still be required to register their vehicle and display a current parking tag.
  • Parking tags will continue to be required from 7 a.m. - 2:40 p.m. on days when school is in session.
  • Students will be required to park in marked parking spots in lots A, B, C or D5-20 (within B lot).  
  • Marked visitor parking in lots A and B will still be reserved for visitors to Bay Port.
  • Staff parking in lot S (athletic lot) and surrounding the building, as indicated with blue lines, will continue to be reserved for staff members. Staff will continue to park in the spot connected to the number on the parking tag. 
  • Vehicles without valid parking tags may be issued a parking citation.
  • Students with school policy violations or who are habitually truant can have their parking permit revoked.
  • Applications are available at the rotunda desk, students will continue to need to be licensed drivers to submit a parking application.

This change is in response to the challenging parking situation we continue to face, especially as we look ahead to winter weather and an increase in licensed drivers. As indicated in our July letter, the system we implemented was made with positive intent to ensure safety and to verify that only Bay Port students are parking in our parking lots. This system is similar to that of other area high schools. 

Unfortunately, this system cannot be sustained at Bay Port. We have received more than 750 applications, and that number continues to grow, which exceeds the current parking availability at Bay Port.

We understand that this change may be frustrating. On a positive note, we are grateful that all vehicles that park at Bay Port are registered and assigned a parking tag. This improves safety by reducing cars that should not be in the parking lots. It also gives us a better idea of the demand for additional parking spots. We will be evaluating options to improve capacity in the future and it is our hope to eventually transition back to reserved parking spots. 

Thank you for your flexibility, patience and understanding as we focus on safety in our lots and efficiency with parking.




Associate Principal


Associate Principal


School Resource Officer,School Resource Officer
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